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Private Online Health Coaching
to help you f
eel great, get fit and
bring back the energy to do the things
you love to do

Private Online
Health Coaching to
Feel Great,
Get Fit and
Bring Back the Energy
to do the things
You Love to Do

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Can food change your genes?

When it comes down to actually reprogramming your genes, I have found you will start to notice the benefit of a Primal lifestyle in a matter of weeks… not months. Our genes are working all the time to help your body to grow and re-build, or in the case of how...

Is cholesterol really bad for you?

Unfortunately the idea that cholesterol is unhealthy is a flawed and quite over simplified view as it is very important to the way our body functions and maintaining healthy cells. We have been told for so many years to eat polyunsaturated fats like canola and soybean...

Is gluten free healthier?

Living a primal lifestyle with a focus on no sugar no grains and no processed food or oil Im often asked about gluten free foods like gluten free pancakes, penne and chocolate brownies and are they in or out. In short no…thats excluding sugar and processed...

Where did the Primal lifestyle originate?

The basis of the Primal lifestyle has been put together following a deep and scientific analysis of the way in which typical humans used to live more than 10,000 years ago.   Back then, humans were very similar height and weight to our typical modern family today, but...

“The true risk factors for heart disease are…..

“The true risk factors for heart disease are best characterized by the common health condition known as metabolic syndrome – oxidation and inflammation in the cardiovascular system – which is prompted largely by the ingestion of sugars grains and refined...

What does it mean to be insulin resistant?

Unfortunately our modern day grain and sugar loaded diet together with not enough movement or exercise means that many people are headed towards being insulin resistant.   But what does this really mean?   When we eat foods that are high in carbohydrates such as...

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Client Feedback (Name withheld for privacy)

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