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Sports Adventure was founded in 2010 by Rod Bucton

Rod Bucton

Who is Rod Bucton?
I am a husband and father of two daughters, 
a health and fitness fanatic,
I’m mad about the outdoors, mountain biking, surfing, trail running, kayak paddling,
a bit of a computer nerd,
a 90’s grunge music lover and
I’m on a mission challenging conventional wisdom and helping improve the health and fitness of others!
I value family & lifestyle as number one. 
I live on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia in a little town of 80,000 people called Port Macquarie.
Healthy living has always been a passion of mine and I believe our health is our most important asset.
After living in a corporate life working in a senior position in a national Architectural practice for many years, then falling chronically ill with Lyme-Like Disease my life changed overnight.
The cause was a tick bite and left me chronically ill for several years with an “unknown” illness and never quite sure if I would live or die. Times like these gave me plenty of time to think and take a different view on life.
Part of the recommended treatment for the disease included an extensive nutritional assessment which concluded some very surprising results.
I thought I was healthy….but now I know I was well off the mark. 
I was living on a poor modern diet, exercising chronically and over stressed. My previous “healthy diet” was in fact, not so healthy and required a massive over-hall which I undertook and lead to my recovery.
Now in a post “Lyme-like” Disease phase I have taken my passion for healthy living even further and am now coaching others in good nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress with my clients experiencing incredible life changing results that they too never believed would be possible.
I practice what I teach and am living proof of what a Primal lifestyle can do and I’ve never felt better in my life.
I am always reading, researching and testing nutrition, exercise and lifestyle information on myself. 
And the best thing is that although what I teach challenges conventional wisdom in many areas about nutrition and exercise, it can be learn’t.
And you too can do this as well.

“I’ve always been hungry on other diets, but not this one. I’m loosing weight. It’s so easy.”
“I was very skeptical when I started. I’ve been a calorie and fat counter for most of my life and to think I can eat all this and not gain weight is unbelievable.”
“If I had not done the program I wouldn’t have believed it myself…..”
“I’m so happy now that I can actually eat food and don’t feel guilty.”

I share regular easy to follow tips how to turn your health around
To feel great,
Get fit,
Lose weight and
Bring back the energy to do the things you love to do
I love working one on one with my clients, working through challenges weekly but hearing the changes that have occurred and turn my clients lives around

“Everything Ive tried in the past Ive always felt that unless Im hungry its not working.”
“I’ve lost 2kg in 2 weeks and Im not even hungry.”
“Good morning. 1.1 this week. Total 3.8 in 4 weeks. I’ve also noticed my skins not so dry!! Very Happy”
“I haven’t been able to fit into these jeans for years!”
“this diet plan is the easiest I hav ever used. No calorie counting..weighing etc & I’ve been on them all!! Weight Watchers..Lite n Easy.. Atkins..Jenny Craig..CSIRO..Fasting..carb diets..Book after book..e..t..c! Just simply pure food. Its that easy.”

See you next time at my blog