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Sports Adventure was founded in 2010 by Rod Bucton

Rod Bucton

Rod Bucton


Who Is Rod Bucton

Rod has always tried to lead a healthy life, with a balanced diet and regular exercise of mountain biking, trail running & kayaking forming a very important part of his weekly routine.

He started riding mountain bikes in the late 1990’s both socially and in competition in events such as cross country and 12 hour team endurance events as well as short distance and overnight mountain bike orienteering events.
He has owned and ridden a range of mountain bikes from full rigid, to hardtail (front suspension) to dual suspension (front & rear suspension) and has attended bicycle maintenance and riding courses to ensure he is able to get the most out of this fantastic sport.

Being in a management position in a national architectural practice, Rod believes this lifestyle enabled him to better manage the high stress role as well as being a better husband and a better father.

However when he fell ill with Lyme Disease in 2012 his life and that of his family changed dramatically forever.
Part of his treatment for the disease included an extensive nutritional assessment which concluded some very surprising results.
Although Rod’s previous “healthy diet” consisted of fruit, vegetables and chicken, fish and meat, it also included cereals, fruit juice, breads, muesli bars, and dining out with the occasional wine & beer was in fact, not so healthy.

Rod appeared lean on the outside, and a healthy weight for his height & age, however he was carrying a significant amount of internal fat – an added health risk in addition to the Disease – which can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

This required a massive change to Rod’s previous “healthy” diet and lead him to the Paleo diet – meat, chicken, fish , eggs , steamed vegetables, natural oils, fruits, nuts & sweet potatoes – no grains, no refined sugar and no processed foods, as well as regular mountain biking which he continues to this day.