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Before I moved to a paleo, then primal lifestyle, I remember always being hungry, light headed and then irritable all because I didn’t eat regularly.
Now I understand as with most people,
our diet is mainly carbohydrate based, once we have eaten a meal or snack, and then our body converts this into glucose, as we are only able to store a small amount of this energy source, means the energy from it doesn’t last for long, which then needs constant topping up to keep our body ticking over.
However now that my style of eating has moved to low carb, medium protein and high (good) fat, I no longer am dependent on having to eat meals at regimented times throughout the day, everyday.
If I skip a meal or don’t eat until much later than normal I feel zero side effects.
No hunger,
no light headedness and
no irritability.
Over time my body has moved to becoming efficient at burning stored body fat rather than short lasting energy from carbo’s.
I am in complete control of my food as a fuel at last and am no longer controlled by the need to constantly having to top up with carbohydrate.
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