In my opinion to burn calories (or loose weight)  that is unfortunately not the best way to go.
The idea that we should exercise to reduce weight typically only applies to professional athletes who are constantly doing a massive amount of exercise and hence are burning an enormous amount of calories. But this doesn’t apply to the average person.
A better approach is to look at calories stored against calories burnt. Hence looking at the foods we eat/how we exercise and how we produce/store body fat and then use this as energy is a much better approach to reducing weight.
Most of us eat a standard modern day diet which is high in carbohydrates – grains (eg bread, cereal, pasta, etc) and  sugar (eg soft drinks, ice cream etc).
When we eat carbohydrates our body breaks it down into various nutrients one is glucose which we use for energy.
Our bodies burn a small amount of glucose and can only store a small amount in our muscles and liver. The rest is stored as fat.
So when our bodies use this small amount of glucose we need to eat more carbohydrates for more energy…and the cycle continues.
If you eliminate foods such as grains and sugar and focus on low healthy carbohydrate, medium protein, high healthy fat foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, fruit, nuts, seeds, avocado & coconut products this will be a better way to healthily loose weight.
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