Rod Bucton
Founder/Coach of Sports Adventure

Private Online Health Coaching
to help you f
eel great, get fit and
bring back the energy to do the things
you love to do

Private Online
Health Coaching to
Feel Great,
Get Fit and
Bring Back the Energy
to do the things
You Love to Do

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Why do I get a headache when I drink alcohol?

Why do I get a headache when I drink alcohol? We’ve all had those nights out with friends lots laughs plenty of drinks lots more laughs…and the earth shattering headache the next morning. Both go hand in hand. I get that....

How can I help you?

Over the last few years I’ve produced a lot of content for my blog, Posts and videos with tips, how to’s on mountain biking, surfing, kayaking, trail running as well as gear reviews and more recently exercise, nutrition,...

How do you do sprints?

When I was growing up I remember my late grandfather often say ” you need to move it or lose it”. As a kid I never quite understood what this actually meant. Now as I get older, I hear his words in my mind almost everyday, but with meaning. Especially when...

What can I do to fall asleep faster?

During a coaching call recently, my client spoke about having trouble getting to sleep. There can be a number of causes for this, but one major factor can be the use of electronic devices. At night when you jump on your laptop, pc , mobile phone or even when you watch...

How to exercise at your aerobic heart rate?

When I first started exercising at 180-age or below it required a massive shift from the “no pain no gain”. One of the biggest things that I found was that exercise at this rate is really comfortable such that it is easy to still hold a...

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Client Feedback (Name withheld for privacy)

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