how you reach your fitness goals
You get up every day and train to the latest and greatest program, day in day out week after week. Rain hail or shine.
Hoping to get that result you have longed for.
Cursing yourself if you miss a session and then pushing yourself even harder to try to make it up.
But you feel tired, run down…..frustrated….and your fitness begins to stall or even go backwards.
You are so busy trying to be a great husband and parent and not to mention your job, to put food on the table, pay the mortgage and hopefully put a bit away for a family holiday someday.
You work harder hoping for that promotion (and a few more dollars pay), but with that comes more….more work, more responsibility, more hours.
Still try to do something for yourself, to improve your health and fitness, your own freedom and solitude with a bit of adventure thrown in.
So you push yourself harder and harder.
Trying to get that little bit fitter….because conventional wisdom has reminded us for years that if a little bit of hard exercise is good, well a lot of hard exercise must be better, right! Right?
Sound familiar?
Well this used to be me…to a tee!
But have you ever wondered if all this may actually be ruining your health and may actually all be working against you.
It never crossed my mind, as I was exercising and fit! Right?
It was not until I moved to Primal lifestyle and learnt what I was actually doing to myself.
And now things are different…very different.
I now take a far more easy going and relaxed attitude to my exercise and now I mix it up.
No longer having to train a certain way on a certain day, no matter how I feel.
I do what I want when I can, just to get out and play and for the challenge.
I listen to my body, go when I feel like it and back right off when I don’t, like when those aches and pains or a cold creeps up.
Now longer, slower mountain bike rides, kayak paddles, trail runs, surfs and bush walking are the norm.
Building my fitness with solid base of easy exercise, strength training and sprints in the least amount of time.
I’m now feeling refreshed, alive and fired up….not tired, flogged, worn out and exhausted.
Such a different feeling from a few years ago….and now how good is it!
The first real test with this new approach was a recent local multisport challenge, and the first event I’ve entered like this for years.
The challenge was 6km kayak paddle + 10km trail run + 10km mountain bike ride + 10km trail run +  6km kayak paddle  + 3km trail run.
Now my preparation in the lead up to the event was nothing like I had done years ago.
As you can see from the following screenshot of my Garmin Connect account.
The only consistent part about my training was continued movement and gradual increase in exercise distances….particularly running, my weakest leg….pardon the pun.
As my wife said after the event “I thought you went into this so under done”. And compared to years ago I was, very much under done.
And sure I was never going to win.
And yes my legs were getting a bit weary on the last few k’s run before the 2nd kayak paddle.
And yes the last run leg was tough…really tough.
But all in all it was sooo good.
And all with the most relaxed enjoyable training I have ever done.
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