Prep Time:Cook Time:Freeze Time:
15 minutes0 minutes20 minutes


  • ⅓ cup coconut oil
  • ⅓ cup raw cacao powder
  • ½  cup crushed raw macadamia nuts


  1. Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan on low heat. 
  2. Once melted, remove from heat and add the cacao powder, stirring until well-mixed through. 
  3. Pour the melted chocolate into the prepared muffin cases in the baking tin.
  4. Sprinkle the macadamia nuts onto the melted chocolate. 
  5. Place it into the freezer and chill on a flat surface for around 15 – 20 minutes, or until frozen solid.
  6. Once frozen, remove from the muffin cases. Store in the fridge until it is ready to be consumed.

Hey there, Rod from sports adventure today, and thanks very much for coming along and shooting into my Facebook live, I’m really pleased for you to be here today. As always, I’ll be online afterwards if you’ve got any questions, drop me a message, send me an email, send me a text, whatever you like and we can have a chat and go from there. 

This is a new little segment that I’ve got underway and something that I’m asked about almost every single day is; okay, I’m changing the way I’m eating to do what you do right,  but what can I, if you cut out all that stuff, all the grains, all the sugar, all those things, what’s left to eat; fair question and I get that, because so much of what we’re told do, what we should be eating is rubbish, we’ve got to stay clear of a lot of that stuff, super-super important. 

So, today, I’m going to continue on with my news segment, Rhodes rules, where we take a lot of old favorites, turn them on their head and make them into new treats, new, great new food that’s healthy, that’s good for you to get the most out of yourself. So, today, as I said another great little treat, but first up I wanted to do a little bit of a demonstration for you, just to just a kick-start, so we’ve got a few things here, standard on Mars bar and you have probably eaten dozens of these, we all know Mars bars, mere nothing special there and we all know there are sweet little treat there. 

We have them occasionally, you shouldn’t have them all that occasionally, but that’s the way it goes, but I wanted to show you just how much sugar is in one of these; so let’s go, little teaspoon here, a bit of bit of sugar, let’s count them out; one-two-three-four-five, holy mackerel, six, six teaspoons of sugar in that one chocolate bar, check it out. 

Now, I know you know they’re sweet, but that amount of sugar in that one bar not good, as you know what I like to get everyone to eat, just cut down on their sugar, cut down on our processed foods, cut down on the grains, all that sort of stuff. So, what my alternative for today is; sometimes we want a little bit of a treat, sometimes we want something just to snack on like Mars bars in the past, no more. 

So, my family, my daughters, my wife have come up with this fantastic little treat, as you can see here, try to hold them there, so they don’t all fall off; beautiful little chocolate snacks, I’ll call them and these ones have got a few little nuts added in them, just for an extra bit of crunch and they are so-so easy, not as easy as my banana pancakes from a couple of weeks ago, which only had two ingredients, banana and eggs all-time record; this particular one three ingredients, how good is that? 

So, I want to show you a little bit about how to make these great little snacks; okay, let’s go, from the top bit of coconut oil, first and foremost, so we want to use the measure here, we want two thirds of a cup, so we’re going to spoon that out, well that’s, it’s not going to go in there, all that well, let’s go, let’s go with a bit of a spoon, so we’re going to spoon out bit of that into here, when you get 2/3 of a cup, so that’s two 1/3 cups obviously, they’re spoon that out. 

No, I’ll just demonstrate it, we’re going to get too much into that and what we’re going to do with that as you can see, it’s… oops, it’s kind of semi-solid kind of. So, we’re going to take that, we going to put it anywhere just a normal standard oil pan, bung it in there, throw it on the hot plate, just on low heat, super important, we don’t want to burn it, don’t go overboard, low-low heat, really important. 

So, do that to get that started, I’m just going to demonstrate, so we’re not going to do it now, because I’m just going to run through this, I don’t have much time, so that’s going to go two of those, we’re going to have 2/3 of a cup of the cocoa powder and same again, keep it nice and simple, so that’s 1/3, we’re going to go with two of those again, after that’s melted, don’t forget that, after that’s melted. 

Once that’s all melted, I’m going to give it a little stir, stir it up, stir it up, stir it up, just till it’s nice and blended through and then, we’re going to take our party-cake tray and we’ve got these are the ones, you can whack them straight in here; but for me, I’m not a huge fan of washing-up and so, this little party-cakes drop them in, put your mixture into here, saves the washing-up and they’re easy to get out when you’re finished and so pop them in there, fill them up as much as you like, pop them in the fridge, give it a few hours half a day or so and out comes, these little treats like this, fantastic little snacks. 

In addition to that again, my wife and daughters come up this idea, throw a few nuts in the top of these, just while they… before they go hard just adds, that adds a little bit of extra crunch, again Mackey add, a macadamia nuts, super-super good for you, good healthy fats, good healthy oils, love them all these on their iron, I’ve got a lunch box of these in the car that I travel around with them, because sometimes you just want a snack, you just want something to just to chew on, you’re not hungry, but just to; you know feeling a bit of chewing, that sort of thing. 

So, pop those in on the top as I said, when that’s all done, bung in the fridge, few hours and out comes these treats and they are so-so good; matter of fact, beautiful, they’re absolutely beautiful and I get up, they don’t taste the same as a Mars, but as you can see no sugar, no sugar whatsoever, but taste is a little different, there’s an element of bitterness to it, but I love it, I absolutely love it and so that is it three ingredients, you can’t go wrong, super-super quick, super-super easy, little treat there during the day or after dinner, just as a snack with your cup of tea before you wind up the end of day. 

Alright then, thanks very much for joining us, that’s my little segment, Rod’s rules, I’m really pleased you came along today, lots of fun, I’ve got heaps and heaps of these, these sort of quick easy recipes and also some faves, some favorite recipes that we’ve been cooking for a long-long time, there we’re going to take out the stuff, take out all the grains and all the rice and all the pasta, all that sort of stuff, flip it on its head and turn it into something that’s really-really good and healthy for you, not too hard to do and get the most down in yourself and your day. Thanks very much for coming along, see you next week, have a great day.