Prep Time:Cook Time:Freeze Time:
10-15 minutes30-35 minutes0 minutes
  • Sweet Potato, grated
  • English Boneless leg ham, circular-sliced
  • 6 eggs, medium-sized
  • 2 Tomatoes, diced
  • 1 Red Onion, diced
  • 1 cup grated tasty cheese
  • 1 Capsicum, chopped


  1. Preheat oven to 200˚C. Line a 6-cup baking muffin tray, with greased muffin cases.
  2. Shred the sweet potato using a handheld grater.
  3. Place the grated sweet potato in the prepared muffin pan, and evenly divide the sweet potato mixture. Press into the bottom of the muffin cups.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes at 200˚C.
  5. Remove from oven and crack an egg into each muffin cup.
  6. Add the diced tomato, onion, capsicum (or your desired combination of fillings) into each of the muffin cups.
  7. Season with your preference with salt and/or pepper.
  8. Sprinkle with a handful of grated, tasty cheese, into each muffin cup.
  9. Bake for 15-20 minutes and remove from heat. Serve warm and enjoy.

Inspiration from;

Hey there, Rod Bucton here, 

How are you going today, 

How’s your week been, 

I know for me lots of things are going on with corona and whole life-changing stuff, but today I wanted to share with you something a little bit different. 

Thanks very much for coming along first and foremost, really good to have you here and I’m really excited about what I’m going to do today. 

One of the very first things that I’m often asked when people are talking to me about what they should eat and what I’m coaching and all that sort of stuff, 

I come back and say well okay, all this stuff you can’t eat which I’ve spoken about before, all the grains, all the sugars all the processed foods, all that sort of gear, what actually can I eat; fair question, 

Once you take out all that stuff, all the things that we’ve been told, we shouldn’t be eating for a long-long time, there’s not much left of our modern diet.

So, what I wanted to do is start a bit of a series, a whole new approach, a new series, very different what I’m doing in the past, 

To explain a bit more about the food that I eat, the food my family eats and the foods, the things that I think are the greatest things going, easy things, quick to prepare, not too many ingredients, easy to clean up all this sort of stuff, 

Because I’m busy, you’re busy as well, you’re juggling lots of things with your work, your business, your family, a bit of lifestyle and you’re trying to get out, you want to get out and get on the bike and go for a surf and go for a swim and have a run around with the kids, all this sort of stuff.

So, for me, this sort of thing I wanted to share with you and the idea is to take a whole range of different things, recipes that we’ve seen, we’ve used, we’ve heard of and been cooking for a long-long time and flip it 

Change the ingredients around, in a not a major way, but just in a way that aligns with the type of food that I believe we should be eating, which promotes as research has shown, which promotes our best gene expression, help our the most healthy version of ourselves and encourages us to build a fit lean body and live a long happy healthy life.

So, that’s where we’re at, that’s where we’re going with this the segment’s called Roddo’s rules, 

Really pleased to have you here today; 

First and foremost I want to kick it off with something that’s really, really easy, something my wife and daughters do and 

But I’ll be straight and honest with you, I’m no cook; yes, I can do it before we were married with my beautiful wife ,I was doing a bit of cooking, I was living out of home, I was living away from home, so yeah I cook with my mates and all that sort of stuff, I can cook, but I’m not a great cook, 

But I want to show you you can cook great food with some really good ingredients, basic ingredients and it doesn’t have to be that hard and it’s really good healthy food.

So, let’s get started, 

Go away flies, 

first and foremost easy food frittatas, something that we’ve all eaten before, 

I call these ones fritzies, because they’re little mini frittatas and they’re great easy food to eat, to cook to have as a compliment to a meal or to have as a snack food; 

Again something that  I’m often asked, what do I eat for snacks, what do I eat, if I just wanted you know something quick to bite on, 

Here we go fritz’s; 

Let’s go, let’s get started. 

Five ingredients, 

Top of the list, sweet potato, tomato, some eggs, sliced ham, grated cheese, 

Couldn’t be easier than that, right from the top, 

Let’s get going; a muffin tray, you can just go straight out grease a muffin tray with butter not oil, not spray anything, good old-fashioned block hard butter, it is the best healthy fat to cook with, good for high temperatures.

You can grease your tray, I like to use these little patty cakes, these little paper things, it just helps to clean up and I’m big on that, don’t want to be wasting times cleaning and scrubbing for hours on end, 

Keep it simple, always keep it simple. 

So straight off the bat, trays in the muffin tray there and go with a bit of; a bit of ham straight on the top and just line your trays there with a bit of that ham okay, 

Then going to go straight into a bit of sweet potato,

 I’m just going to give that a quick peel, just to get rid of that bit of skin on the outside there and we’re going to grate a bit of that up. 

Now, go on that coarse grater a little, little grater, we’ve got going here, just grate that up, grate that up, in no time there, you go a bit of sweet potato, all good gear and just pop that in that tray there like that, 

In on top of the ham and you do that all the way around, I’m not going to do all those things today, because I’m a bit short on time, but straight up here we can make six of those.

So, from this point, we’re going to shoot those straight into the oven, 200 degrees for 15 minutes that’s all, 200 degrees 15 minutes in the oven, done. 

Today, just to keep things going because we’re short on time, I’m going to drop that step out and just keep going with the ingredients, 

So from this point we’re going to crack an egg into the top of each of these little fellows, so we’re going to crack an egg on top there, 

We’re going to dice up a little bit of tomato, I’ve got the order on there I think, just dice up a bit of that tomato, pop that in there, now that tomato should go in before the egg, that one’s wrong.

So, we’ll go, 

Get away fly, 

crack that on top there like that and going to throw a bit of cheese on top as well and there you have it, it is that easy to do, 

We take that and we bang that in the oven now for another 15minutes, 200 degrees and that’s all you need to do, 

I’ve thrown some in the oven this morning, I’ve got those ready to go, 

I’m just going to go and grab them; 


that’s what you end up with, these great little snack foods or as I said that go with an actual meal, super easy, pop them out of the tray, there you go, 

Beautiful, good, healthy food, quick, easy, easy to clean up, easy to cook, a really-really great little food.

So, I really hope you’ve enjoyed that today, 

That’s a really-really quick overview of a very-very quick little healthy snack recipe that my family and I enjoy often, 

You can do this too, this is not hard, good healthy eating, is not hard, but I’m going to share a lot more of this stuff with you along the way 

As I said down the line, we’re going to take up. take some good old-fashioned recipes and we’re going to flip them, we’re going to turn them upside down, change the ingredients around, so it’s all the good stuff that I believe we should be eating and research has shown that’s the way our ancestors have been living as hunter, gatherers for a long-long time and you can do it too.

That’s all for today. 

Thank you very much for coming along, new segment.

I’ve had heap of fun Roddo’s Rules, catch me a little next week, 

If you’ve got any recipes that you like that you want to look at how we’re flipping upside down, send them through and I’ll look at what I can do to change them around and perhaps feature them on this little segment.

If not, standby, I’m going to keep rolling these out, together with my interviews, all the other bits and pieces that we do and we’ll go from there. 

Have a great day.