Hey there everyone, Rod Bucton here, 

Saturday morning, out for a trial run and it’s raining.

How good is this and it’s not just a bit of a storm, a bit of a shower, it’s real drenching rain. 

So I’ve timed it perfectly to get out and have a run in the rain.

I just love getting out in the rain.

Back in the days when I was a kid, I doing a bit of exploring on the farm, bit of an adventure and out playing in the mud. We had this old three Vee Dub rally car sort of thing. We’re always out the mud, out in the rain and I just love it.

So even now, getting out in the rain for a trail run. It’s the greatest thing to me.

Some people just don’t like it and they cover up and jackets and all that sort of thing. 

But here it’s summer now; warm, yes, you’re gonna get wet. 

It’s just such a beautiful feeling, 

The rain on your skin, it’s cool, it’s fresh and there’s no one here. There’s absolutely no one here, 

In these conditions it’s magic. 

Think about it next time, if you are going again, if you’re going out, dress well, check the conditions, don’t do anything silly or dangerous.

Experience the weather, experience the conditions and make the most of it.

Today, got my first run with my new Vber trail run shoes and these are going great 

Like always, when I get new shoes, I give them a bit of time, just to walk them in a bit, but they are a bit different. 

This time also I’ve gone with that sock that has sockets for your toes. 

Compared to my last pair didn’t wear socks, my feet were sweating all the time, my shoes smell, I would wash them they’d smell; so this time, gone with the socks and magic

Big-big improvement. 

Also this particular model has a slightly thicker sole. 

My last one, yes they do wear a bit; my last pair, yes, they did wear a bit.

So, the sole was getting a bit thin, but I found running off road, which is something that I’d love to do, run as much as I can. 

But the rough rocks, the sharp rocks, used to really stick into the bottom of your feet and quite uncomfortable and hurt my feet.

So, this time around, a shoe, thats got a slightly thicker sole or slightly more aggressive sole 

Huge difference with the rough off-road running that I love to do. 

So something else to think about there as well 

What’s your adventure this weekend?

Have a great day. 

This is so, so good!